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Expert Services

Case Assistance and Consultation for Attorneys

Recognized as an expert in his field, attorney David Knitter provides case assistance, guidance and advice to attorneys on issues involving trust and estate, conservatorship, undue influence, and elder financial abuse cases. From practical to technical advice, Mr. Knitter can assist the attorney by sharing his knowledge, experience and creativity as a top litigator in these fields of law.

Consultation calls through formal association as co-counsel are offered to assist the practitioner through the difficulties and complexities of litigation and appeals. Whether the question is pre-filing evaluation or strategies in pursuing or defending claims, the practitioner can benefit from his expertise.

Early Neutral Case Evaluation

A neutral evaluation from an experienced expert in the field of law can help the parties focus on the crucial and determinative factual and legal issues which can often lead to settlement or assist in narrowing disputed issues and need for discovery. David G. Knitter can also assist when parties need a neutral opinion or analysis of the legal issues or potential outcomes in the case whether pre or post filing. A neutral evaluation of likely outcomes, potential outcomes, and consideration of outliers is provided. If requested, the economics in spreadsheet form of the different outcomes can be provided to assist the parties in evaluating their positions and provide their client with realistic expectations as to the risks involved, costs of litigation and likely results.

Expert Witness Consulting and Testimony

David G. Knitter is available to act as a consulting or testifying expert witness for the petitioner or defense on issues of elder financial abuse and undue influence.