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Business and Real Estate Dispute Resolution

Although our primary expertise is in trust, probate, conservatorship, and elder law, due to the prior experience and regular involvement of real estate and business issues in our estate administration, litigation and planning practices, we have become knowledgeable and experienced in handling business and real estate issues.  Knitter & Knitter, LLP has a proven track record in successfully resolving real estate and business disputes through both litigation and alternative dispute resolution.  As a subcategory of the services we provide to our clients, the areas of business and real estate comprise a good portion of our ongoing practice as necessitated by the needs of our clients.  Typical issues that we are experienced and qualified in handling including the following:

  • Contract negotiation review and drafting;
  • Easements and boundary disputes;
  • Contract disputes and litigation;
  • Fraud claims and defense;
  • Partnership disputes and litigation;
  • Lease and sales litigation, both residential and commercial;
  • Broker misconduct claims and defense;
  • Contractual arbitration and mediation;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims and defense;
  • Business tort claims and defense;
  • Employment issues;
  • Business counseling and advice.