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California Conservatorships

If a loved one has lost their ability to look out for their best interests, provide for their personal needs, or manage their finances, a conservatorship may be appropriate.  There are two types of conservatorships in California: a conservatorship of the estate (which provides authority over financial decisions) and a conservatorship of the person (which provides authority over health care decisions).  When a person does not have capacity, a conservatorship may be necessary to bring or defend claims, or to protect him or her from harm.  Conservatorships involve a court process that at times can be complex and contentious.  At Knitter & Knitter, LLP we use our wealth of experience and knowledge to handle both contested and non-contested conservatorship matters.  Some of the common types of conservatorship services we provide include:

  • Initiating conservatorship proceedings;
  • Handling disputes over who should act as conservator;
  • Pursue remedies for elder abuse and undue influence;
  • Substituted judgment proceedings;
  • Termination or transfer of conservatorships;
  •  Accounting disputes;
  • Spousal support and protection;
  • Emergency protective appointments and appropriate injunctive relief;
  • Obtaining authority for medical decisions and residential placements;
  • Obtaining authority for financial investment decisions and sale or transfer of property and other assets;