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Administration of Trusts and Estates

If a loved one has died, an orderly administration of his or her estate is essential to avoid worsening an already stressful situation. At Knitter & Knitter, we use our recognized expertise in post-death administrations to cause an efficient and timely transfer of assets to beneficiaries. We often find that drafting attorneys or others may gloss over the complexities of the post-death administration process. While the reality is that there is often a great deal to be done and many traps for the unwary, we can explain the process in a straightforward way so that you will understand each step of the process.

We are always glad when an administration involves people with peaceful relationships, but we understand that the real world can be messy. The challenges presented by irrational people and dysfunctional families do not faze us. In unfortunate situations when family members or other interested parties are not getting along, we use our litigation expertise to prevent disputes when possible and resolve disagreements through other means if necessary. If that is your situation, we will be at your side even under the most trying of circumstances.

Some of the most common types of post-death administration services we perform include:

  • Administration of Trusts
  • Subtrust Funding Upon the Death of the First Spouse
  • Stale Trusts
  • Contested Administrations
  • Long Term Trust Administrations
  • Transfers to Trusts after Death
  • Court Petitions To Terminate Trusts, Modify Trusts, Resolve Ambiguities, And Correct Drafting Errors
  • Probate Administrations
  • Spousal Property Petitions
  • Appointment of Administrators on an Emergency Basis